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Stone Art: Creating Long-Lasting Tributes, Plaques, and Signage

Before Creative Stone Solutions was a concept, David Plummer was crafting artwork with stone. Producing plaques, custom signage, and special artwork, he quickly found his love and talent for working with stone. He created unique and original works of art that reflected his passion for the art form, sharing it with everyone he could when given the opportunity.

Tragedy struck when David’s closest friend Ryan passed away during his fight against cancer. This took a long time for David to reconcile. He was faced with a partially completed project, the design and creation of a plaque for Ryan that they had planned together. As he finished this work, David realized the future he had before him, pursuing his artistic side of stonework with conviction and dedication.

Fueling David’s Creative Spirit Through Stone Artwork

Given that this passion came in no small part to the work he had done for Ryan, David would only take on works of art that had a sentimental meaning, many plaques and tribute pieces, but at the time he would never accept payment for his time on these projects as he knew how much it meant to those involved, and their gratitude was payment in itself.

As time went on, and David refined his craft, he began to branch out into other aspects of stonework, taking on more and more commissioned pieces involving sandblasting. He continues to create plaques, but now he is also producing commercial signage, address signs, and tribute benches. Using the latest technology, David is even able to eternalize a portrait in stone, showing off his diverse skillset with each new creation.

Stone Tribute - Custom Memorials | Creative Stone Solutions

The Creative Process for Stone Plaques and Memorials

It all starts with a consultation that decides upon the greatest passions and interests of the person the plaque is being made for. Working with the family, we come up with a design concept that will act as a guide as we begin crafting the stone. As the design begins to take form, we come up with the inscription for the stone, usually a short quote or epitaph that symbolizes their life and/or beliefs. With the components of the design squared away, we can start to add flair where possible to give it a unique appearance and authentic touch – family crests, accomplishments, interests, or even a portrait may be added at this point. Now a rubber stencil is made that will cover and protect the areas that are not being sandblasted. The stone is passed into the fabrication shop, where our team will hand grind and polish the edges of the stone. Lastly, it enters into the blasting room, where the final touches are put on the stone to give it an original look through a variety of techniques. It then has a layer of inlay paint applied to protect the inscriptions and design, with the masking being peeled away to reveal the masterpiece it has been protecting. We have incorporated digital design practices alongside our traditional stonework to create products that are breathtaking aesthetically – these are truly one-of-a-kind tribute pieces.

Combining His Creativity with Countertops and Other Stone Installations

Being able to pursue his art through his daily work at Creative Stone Solutions not only allows David an outlet for his passion, but also has defined his business as the ideal source for stonework of all shapes and sizes. From specially commissioned artwork to extravagant countertops, Creative Stone Solutions is a destination for anything you could desire from a block of sparkling rock.


Stone Artwork - Kelowna Countertops | Creative Stone Solutions

Have an idea for art involving stone? Contact David Plummer at Creative Stone Solutions to begin the process, ending when you have an ever-lasting, personalized, and wholly original work of art.  Call us at 250-765-7655 today!

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