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Bathroom Countertops Remodelling
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Why to Buy Quality Bathroom Materials

What Touches Your Bathroom Countertops?

How much abuse does your bathroom countertop take? That is the question you must ask if you are finding it difficult to decide on one material. The porosity and heat-resistance of stones varies widely, so it is not all just looks when it comes to a countertop material. Will your curling iron be accidentally left idle on the marble? Or will your scissors occasionally strike the surface of the stone? If so, looking at more durable more hardened materials, such as granite or quartz, may be the right choice over marble, soapstone, or other soft stones. No matter if it is the heat or the wear and tear that your countertops will endure, you can rest assured that choosing stone for your countertops is the best bet to retain value in your home, and keep your countertops looking beautiful for generations.

Appearance Trumps All in the Okanagan

Of course, for most, none of this will matter. The appearance of the stone will play a more pivotal role in the decision-making process than any amount of statistics or facts about a particular stone will. This is all good, the look should be cohesive with the rest of the bathroom, but it is important to bear in mind any caveats of the stone you select, if for no other reason than to be aware and therefore less prone to potentially damaging the expensive rock that is meant to look beautiful and consistent.

bathroom | Creative Stone Solutions- Granite & Quartz Coutnertops

Let’s break down a few of the most common stones in use today.

1. Granite

This material has been a mainstay, as it effortlessly passes any durability or heat related tests. Granite is not a porous material, and so it is unlikely to be stained or nicked by the usual fare of cosmetics, sharp objects, or dropped bathroom products. If you are looking for the easy answer, it is granite.

2. Quartz

Beginning to rival granite in the popularity races, quartz actually surpasses the durability of granite, making it an ideal surface for both the kitchen and bathroom alike. Naturally antimicrobial, this works well in bacteria-prone bathrooms. Be aware though, fingerprints and smudges tend to show up more clearly on quartz, so you may not enjoy the appearance if you are one to be bothered by the smudging of fingers on stone.

3. Marble

This is where stone begins to wane in the durability games. Due to the porous nature of the stone, stains and nicks will be apparent should they occur. Despite this, marble retains its popularity for the beautiful swirling patterns and ability to fit in with any layout or colour palette. Polish it for a beautiful shine, or let it sit in matte elegance – either way, marble is here to stay.

Make Your Bathroom a Stone Throne

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, stone is the clear way to go. Cheaping out on your countertops can be a massive hindrance to resale value. Prospective buyers will expect a quality stone in the modern day, as the durability and appearance are unmatched by synthetic alternatives. To this end, stopping by our stone yard to peruse the selections and decide on your dream stone will be the best way to decide for yourself which way to go!

slab undermount tub | Creative Stone Solutions- Granite & Quartz Coutnertops

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