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Granite, Marble, Quartz or Soapstone Countertops for Kitchen & Bathroom

Where to Begin When Remodeling your Bathroom or Kitchen

Whether you are replacing or installing new, countertops come in a dizzying number of varieties, each with their own pros and cons. Deciphering the details in each stone can help you to find what fits best for your kitchen, bathroom, or bar. Be aware that it takes more than a functional fit to decide on the right material, aesthetically every type of stone is different; further, every type of stone will have marbling, veins, and other impurities that give a distinct style and effect to each cut of stone. Here at Creative Stone Solutions, we take pride in finding the right stone for our clientele. With this in mind, let’s have a look at what is in store for you to see!

Granite Countertops are Easy, Sturdy and Strong

This material is low maintenance. A very colourful stone, Granite will typically contain plenty of veins, and the unique grains and colours will shine through the customizable finishes. A very durable material, Granite has the potential to withstand heat, cuts, and stains – so long as the sealant is kept in good condition, and resealed as needed. Starting at moderate prices, the more exotic cuts will still fetch high value for its distinct tone and veining. 

Marble: For Brighter, Whiter Countertops and Spaces

With superb style and outstanding appearance, marble has made a name for itself in art just as much as countertops. With a glowing white grain, the veining of Marble gives it a contrast of darkness to break up the porcelain appearance. This material is rarer than Granite, making it generally more expensive. Given the inherent beauty of marble, the price will not deter those seeking a pearly white working surface – just be sure to use cutting boards and hot plates as Marble does not mix well with heat or nicks when compared with Granite and Quartz.

Quartz & Quartzite Countertops That Can Withstand Heat and Come in Many Flavours

Classic and durable, quartz makes for a customizable, affordable building material. This material is a combination of mineral, colour, and resin, allowing for bold designs that can resemble other materials given the right mix. Stain and heat resistant, you will find this material can withstand daily abuse from any household – just watch the corners, you do not want to nick the edges, so rounding the corners can help.

Soapstone: Laboratory Grade Cleanliness for Kelowna Countertops

Similar in rarity to Marble, Soapstone is also a softer material, so put the knives away! In the event of a scratch, sanding and resealing will likely mend the damage. Despite this downside, the softer material develops an amazing patina over time, gaining value and glow the longer you use and maintain it. Often used in laboratories for its resistance to stains and bacteria, Soapstone will gladly handle the occasional spill that is to be expected. Just as well, it can handle heat with ease, making it overall more durable than Marble.

Decisions, Decisions… Which Rock for Your Renovation or Remodelling

Deciding between these materials may seem simple enough, but after you have been through our showroom in person, your mind is subject to change. Until you have had the chance to tour the rock room, just have in mind the necessities of the material for your purpose, and what it will face in your day to day hustle and bustle. For expert recommendations, you can always reach out to us on our website. If you need inspiration, we’ve got you covered with our gallery of beautiful stonework.

For more information, reach out to  Creative Stone Countertop Solutions online or by phone at 250-765-7655

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